Phi Alpha

Phi Alpha is an American honor society for Social work students. The organization is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies. The Trophy Shop has been honored to supply tens of thousands of high-quality awards to its amazing members for the last 20+ years. We want to help you celebrate your hard work and accomplishments as you put the final touches on your school career. When you walk across the stage tell the world of your involvement with Phi Alpha with our Honor Cords, Medallions, and Stoles.

Phi Alpha Awards

Among our awards, the Honor Cords, Medallion, and Stole are our best sellers. Members also regularly purchase Plaques for their offices and Paperweights for their desks.

Phi Alpha Best Sellers

Phi Alpha Medallion


The medallion is our best seller. Moreover, you can get it engraved with your name, the date of when you graduate, and other such important information.

Phi Alpha Stole


The Social Work Stole is worn by almost every member as they walk. It is an important statement to the world about your dedication to social work and helping others.

Phi Alpha Honor Cords

Honor Cords

Just like the Stole, our Honor Cords truly crown the members with honor and helps to show everyone else their dedication to serving others and their excitement to start their career.

All Phi Alpha Awards

Phi Alpha Resources:

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